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Education tours

Education Tours like never before

Explore the classrooms of the world on a unique Tour Time Education Tour. Whether you are a school, college, university or special interest group, we can provide an enriching and memorable Educational Tour to New Zealand or any of our international destinations.

Simply tell us what you want and we will plan a tour around your group’s particular needs and interests, relying on our vast knowledge and experience to take you on an Education Tour like never before.

  • History tours

    History Tours

    Go back in time on a unique Tour Time History Tour to the USA, United Kingdom or Europe.

  • Classical studies tours

    Classical Studies Tours

    Take learning to a higher level on a Tour Time Classical Studies tour to Europe like never before.

  • Geography tours

    Geography Tours

    Discover the distinctive and dynamic geography and culture of New Zealand, Australia, South America, the UK, Europe or the USA on a unique Tour Time Geography Tour.

  • Language tours

    Language Tours

    Learn old and new ways of communicating on a unique Tour Time Language Tour to New Zealand, South America and Europe.


Want more than just Education Tours? Choose a Combined Tour

If you’d like to arrange a tour with more than one group, ask about Combined Tours. Combined Tours have the benefits of keeping costs down while catering for all those travelling. Talk to us about your options for Combined Tours, today.