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Travel Insurance

Tour Time NZ Limited can provide an extremely comprehensive Travel Insurance

Tour Time NZ Limited have a current $10,000,000 Public Liability Insurance.

We highly recommend that each and every group take out Travel Insurance.

We can provide an extremely comprehensive Travel Insurance that covers your group, once the Tour Package has been paid in full, from departure at your airport to return to your airport. This also includes whilst sports games are being played as well as sports practices.

Existing medical conditions must be declared and the Insurance Company reserves the right to decline cover if people have existing medical conditions. If aged over 75 years the Insurance Company also reserves the right, depending on medical records to decline cover.

In some cases, if because of a death in the family of a proposed tour participant, that tour participant will be covered. The same applies if the tour participant cannot travel because of injury or sickness.

Insurance quoted separately

Tour Time will always quote Travel Insurance separately from the Tour Package and will forward the Travel Policy wording to the Tour Organiser or person responsible prior to acceptance.

We also highly recommend that individuals who are joining a Tour Time tour as an independent traveler also ensure that they have Travel Insurance. You may choose to take the policy suggested by us, or arrange an alternate one giving comparable cover.

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