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choir tours

Choir tours like never before

Singing is woven into the fabric of life for many countries and people around the world. Tour Time have the passion, knowledge and expertise to take your choir group on an unforgettable tour of New Zealand, Australia, the UK and Europe, South America, USA, Singapore and Malaysia.

Tour Time is always on the look-out to discover great choir tour experiences for you to enjoy wherever you are in the world. We will prepare a unique itinerary for your choir group, make all of the necessary arrangements, and then travel with you to make sure everything goes according to plan. 

Bring your voice, your creativity, your spirit of adventure, and let Tour Time take you on a truly memorable journey on your next choir group tour. A Tour Time Choir Tour is all about keeping in tune with your needs like never before.

  • New Zealand Choir Tours

    Choir Tour New Zealand

    Be inspired with a backdrop of snow-capped mountains and crystal clear rivers and streams. Enjoy traditional Kiwi hospitality and sing for captive audiences while touring beautiful New Zealand with your choir group.

  • USA Choir Tours

    Choir Tour USA

    Be welcomed to the land of the free where your choir group will be inspired to fully express their passion for music like never before.

  • Australia Choir Tours

    Choir Tour Australia

    Build the tempo and crescendo on a Tour Time choir group tour of Australia. Sing at magnificent venues and experience the local Aussie hospitality while enjoying vibrant cities and unique fauna and flora. A Tour Time tour allows for flexibility and spontaneity whether it be Major or Minor.

  • UK Choir Tours

    Choir Tour UK

    Let your voice carry as you mix the classics with the modern on a choir tour of the United Kingdom, and experience the Tour Time difference.

  • South America Choir Tours

    Choir Tour South America

    Tour vibrant South America with Tour Time and let the distinctive passion and style of the region inspire your choir group performances.

  • Singapore & Malaysia Choir Tours

    Choir Tour Singapore/Malyasia

    Bring your choir group on a truly memorable and rewarding tour of Singapore and Malaysia, and enjoy being a part of the culture and history of the region.

  • Europe Choir Tours

    Choir Tour Europe

    Share the Tour Time passion for music on a choir tour to Europe. Perform in prestigious locations and experience the diverse culture and history of the region.


Want more than just Choir Tours? Choose a Combined Tour

If you’d like to arrange a tour with more than one group, ask about Combined Tours. Combined Tours have the benefits of keeping costs down while catering for all those travelling. Talk to us about your options for Combined Tours, today.