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The Tour Time difference: we are your one stop tour shop

Tour Time is different from the usual group Tour Operators, because we take care of everything.

With your input we’ll create your itinerary, take care of international airfares, accommodation and meals. On top of this we organise games, performances, experiences, leisure time activities and – because we own and operate our own luxury coaches - we’ll even drive your tour ourselves.

Contact us and we arrange your whole tour from start to finish.

Tours with structure and spontaneity

We individually design every tour so you can make the most of the unique one-off opportunities that always seem to materialise when Tour Time is around.

Because we’re involved every step of the way, we offer unparalleled flexibility. If you see something you would like to explore further, we can stay a little longer. If you want to move on, we can skip ahead.

There’s plenty of opportunity for spontaneity - and time to take advantage of unique opportunities that crop up along the way. Of course we have an itinerary and a schedule, but at the end of the day, it’s your tour, it’s your experience.

48 Tourists go sheep draughting

On a recent tour returning to Queenstown our Tour Time driver noticed a local farmer was draughting sheep in the nearby paddock.

Our driver stopped, jumped the fence and with a bit of friendly persuasion, the farmer invited the complete group of 48 tourists onto his farm.

He conducted an impromptu shearing display and some working sheepdog displays. The group loved it!

Free Army Band concert bonus

On one of our Music Tours our driver arranged for an impromptu stop at the Waiouru Army Camp as they were passing. The tour group were then treated to the second half of a New Zealand Army Band concert. The tour group thought it was great!

Why choose Tour Time?

Our Tour Managers are extremely knowledgeable - if you’re on a Sports Tour, we’ll make sure you have a driver who has played, coached and probably even refereed. If you’re on a Music Tour, your driver will know how valuable your instruments are and knows how to care for them and pack them accordingly. He will know how to tell a tenor from a tenner.

Tour Time put YOU, at the centre while sightseeing and touring in New Zealand. We know the local market inside out and are heavily involved throughout New Zealand.

We never compromise on personal service and we never just rush a tour through. Every client is different, every tour is a special experience. People who tour with us often return again and again and have become our treasured friends.

Our Tour Managers travel on every tour - we're not some impersonal voice on the phone which might be hundreds (or thousands) of kilometres away when you need something. We're right there with you every step of the way looking after all the arrangements. We get to know you and understand what you want, like never before.

Want a tour with a difference? Talk to us today

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