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Our Partners: invaluable local knowledge

“Tour Time know and love New Zealand and Australia – our Partners know and love their Countries!”

If you are travelling from New Zealand or Australia to other countries, we will work with our specialist partners in these countries who have proven themselves to us many times over, to provide you with a tour like never before!

What do we mean by Specialist Partners?

If you are a Music group considering travelling to one of the countries we tour to, our partners there, are extremely experienced in co-ordinating music and performance tours. They are involved in music in their own country as well as being Tour Operators. They know which Bands, Orchestras, Choirs, Schools etc. to work with. They know which concert venues are acoustically the best and where to find practice venues. They understand about the instrument transportation, can advise on the hiring of some instruments if required and they know which groups are competitive and which Music Festivals and Competitions are best.

If you are a Sports group or an Educational group, our partners in other countries are also extremely experienced in the sport that you play, or the interest that you have. They have the right contacts in the right places and know exactly the high standard that Tour Time expects. They arrange evenly matched competition, practice fields, turfs and coaching, or any tutorials you may require.

Your Tour Manager on these tours is a member of our Tour Time Team, so you have 24/7 support for your group wherever you are.

Our partners are local experts

Tour Time are not experts in other countries, but our Partners ARE! They have excellent relationships with service providers, know which accommodation is best suited to your group, which restaurants to use, which sightseeing to include and all the little things that often groups don’t even think about until after they arrive in a different country.

Together we plan everything

We work together to arrange international airfares, specialist venues, events, performances or games, scenic excursions, leisure activities, tourist and culture attractions, educational or special interest experiences, all accommodation, meals, travel insurance and all transport.

Tour Time provide a personable and friendly Tour Manager suited to your group. In other words, Tour Time is a One Stop Tour and Travel Shop for Sports teams, Music, Education and Special interest groups.

INSIGHT - for a few memories/ideas and experiences that teams travelling to other countries with Tour Time have experienced.

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