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football tours

Football tours like never before

Football is the most played and viewed sport in the world, and Tour Time specialise in arranging and managing football tours to New Zealand, Australia, South America, Europe and the UK, the USA, Singapore and Malaysia.

Your football team will spend time sharing and learning fresh skills and tactics from local teams. Tour Time has a close relationship with the Oceania Football Federation and the Boca Football Team amongst others, so for a football tour like never before contact the team at Tour Time today.

Tour Time also specialises in organising combined sports tours. Our friendly and experienced staff can take you through your options.

  • New Zealand Football Tours

    Football Tour New Zealand

    Visit famous New Zealand destinations as you play and learn football in magical Aotearoa. David Beckham and the LA Galaxy football team travelled with us, so should you!

  • USA Football Tours

    Football Tour USA

    Play and learn with some of the more than 13 million Americans that play soccer. Hop on for the road trip of a life-time, enjoy Yankee hospitality, and take in the many sights along the way.

  • Australia Football Tours

    Football Tour Australia

    Take an unforgettable football tour Down Under like never before. Play and learn with the professionals and enjoy spectacular scenery and great local hospitality.

  • UK Football Tours

    Football Tour UK

    Join in the passion and glory of football in the United Kingdom. Play and learn with your football team and enjoy a rich banquet of culture and history as you tour.

  • South America Football Tours

    Football Tour South America

    Tour with your football team to the spiritual home of soccer. Immerse yourself in the rich culture and history of the region as you learn why South America produces so many champions of the sport.

  • Singapore Football Tours

    Football Tour Singapore/Malyasia

    Enjoy a unique and unforgettable football tour of vibrant Singapore and Malaysia. Create football playing memories as you experience a blend of the old and the new.

  • Europe Football Tours

    Football Tour Europe

    Tour Europe with your football team, discover the origins of the sport, and learn why European club teams are the strongest and highest paid in the world.


Want more than just Football Tours? Choose a Combined Tour

If you’d like to arrange a tour with more than one group, ask about Combined Tours. Combined Tours have the benefits of keeping costs down while catering for all those travelling. Talk to us about your options for Combined Tours, today.