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lacrosse tours

Lacrosse Tours

Lacrosse is becoming an increasingly popular team sport around the world, spreading rapidly from its North American roots to being played competitively in many countries and is renowned for being a fast and physical sport requiring high levels of skill and fitness.

Tour Time is an industry leader in organising and managing Sports tours, and is looking forward to discussing your next Lacrosse tour to New Zealand, Australia, the UK and Europe, or the USA with you. Tour Time is unique in that your Tour Manager stays with your team throughout your travels, making all the necessary arrangements and ensuring your tour runs smoothly.

The team at Tour Time also specialise in organising combined sports tours, with groups travelling to different countries to play, for example, Lacrosse and Hockey, or Lacrosse and Rugby.

  • New Zealand Lacrosse Tours

    Lacrosse Tour New Zealand

    Pad up, bring your Lacrosse team to New Zealand and join teams around the country who are just as passionate about the game. Enjoy magnificent scenery and traditional Kiwi hospitality like never before.

  • USA Lacrosse Tours

    Lacrosse Tour USA

    Bring your Lacrosse team on a tour of the land where it all began. Play local teams, learn from the best, and enjoy traditional Yankee hospitality like never before.

  • Australia Lacrosse Tours

    Lacrosse Tour Australia

    Bring your Lacrosse team on a tour of Australia and visit the magnificent cities of Melbourne, Adelaide, Canberra and Perth to play local teams and have a taste of life Down Under.

  • UK Lacrosse Tours

    Lacrosse Tour UK

    With the national Lacrosse team of the UK consistently finishing in the top 5 at the world championships, local teams will be up for the challenge of taking on your team when you tour the United Kingdom.

  • Europe Lacrosse Tours

    Lacrosse Tour Europe

    Tour Europe with your Lacrosse team and play the fastest game on two feet while enjoying the rich culture and heritage on the continent.


Want more than just Lacrosse Tours? Choose a Combined Tour

If you’d like to arrange a tour with more than one group, ask about Combined Tours. Combined Tours have the benefits of keeping costs down while catering for all those travelling. Talk to us about your options for Combined Tours, today.