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USA tours

USA tours like never before

Known for freedom of speech and expression, touring the USA gives you and your Music, Sports, Education or Special interest group the freedom to explore, experience, and enjoy the nation’s bounties like never before.

With so many awe-inspiring places to see, incredible things to do and amazing people to meet, the USA is an ideal choice for your next group tour experience.

  • Rugby tours

    Rugby Tour in USA

    Rugby is one of the fastest growing sports in the USA, bring your Rugby team and join the revolution from a touchdown to a try as you tour some of the 50 States.

  • Football tours

    Football Tour in USA

    Play and learn with some of the more than 13 million Americans that play Soccer. Hop on for the road trip of a life-time, enjoy Yankee hospitality, and take in the many sights along the way.

  • Hockey tours

    Hockey Tour in USA

    Your Hockey team will be given a warm welcome as you play with and learn from teams from around the country and enjoy the many sights and attractions on offer.

  • Basketball tour

    Basketball Tour in USA

    Basketball is a way of life in the USA, bring your team on a Tour Time tour and experience the true art of playing Basketball like never before.

  • Lacrosse tour

    Lacrosse Tour in USA

    Bring your Lacrosse team on a tour of the land where it all began. Play local teams, learn from the best, and enjoy traditional Yankee hospitality.

  • Orchestra tour

    Orchestra Tour in USA

    Your Orchestra tour group will be given a warm welcome as you perform in carefully selected venues around the country and enjoy the many sights and attractions on offer in the USA.

  • Choir tour

    Choir Tour in USA

    Be welcomed to the land of the free where your Choir group will be inspired to fully express their passion for music.

  • School band tours

    School Bands Tour in USA

    Let Tour Time organise your next School Band tour to the USA with the promise it will be “like never before”. Meet new friends, play for enthusiastic audiences, and bring home special memories.

  • Festival tours


    Be inspired and motivated at an International Music Festival in the might USA. Tour Time are the official agents for many Festivals throughout the world.